WE can do better.  WE can do better TOGETHER.


Expansive AI is born from the belief that collaborative efforts in healthcare and technology are essential to creating massive momentum in pediatric cancer research.


Together, as artificial intelligence evolves and our understanding of the life sciences deepens we can transform how research is done, bringing more treatment options to patients.


Join us in the movement to bring the capabilities of machine and man together in pediatric cancer research to imagine more than ever thought possible!



Human imagination is a major bottleneck in the scientific exploration of unknown knowledge.  All knowledge can be considered as a justified true belief. All knowledge therefore originates from imagined beliefs, which can be defined as models and hypotheses that we imagine in our minds. Once a human imagines a new belief or an origninal model, then computer systems can be applied to justify or test that hypothesis with real world data. 


Amplified imagination as both a goal to be achieved, and a paradigm shift in how humans collaborate with machines to translate data into knowledge is limited by the models of prior knowledge required to train artificial intelligence systems. Machine imagination is a new and emerging sub-field in the field of artificial intelligence, and few have recognized how fundamentally important imagination is for the creation of new knowledge.


ExpansiveAI represents the first, coordinated, multi-organizational effort to develop amplified imagination into an open platform.  “We are building machines with the ability to imagine their own de novo beliefs,” Dr. Mousses states.  “With ExpansiveAI, we will be able to very effectively sift through massive amounts of big data into endless volumes of new knowledge that we simply can't access today."



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